Nike Dunk Low (Hemp)Ten thousand years ago hemp changed the course of history. Humans found a single plant which could provide food, fuel, and fiber. From the bark of this True Hemp plant comes Cantiva®. Hemp nearly vanished with the advent of man-made fibers. Cantiva combines nature with technology to re-introduce hemp as the fiber for the 21st century.Cantiva hemp does not require pesticides to grow, and is converted into textile raw material without the use of toxic chemicals. With Cantiva processing, hemp, traditionally used for sails and rope, can now be made into durable, breathable, and functional apparel and furnishings.Cantiva means respect for the Earth and all living beings. Enjoy products made from Cantiva and join a sustainable fiber tradition, two hundred generations strong.The Nike Dunk made its debut in 1985 as a technical basketball sneaker. Designed with multiple panels for support and a low profile to enhance movement on the court, the Nike Dunk was an instant hit. Plus, Nike added to their popularity by producing the Dunk in specific colorways designed to match college uniforms. After a period of cease production, the Nike Dunk returned in 1998 and is still very popular today.