Nike Considered HumaraThe Nike Considered Humara. An aggressive trail shoe with an eco-friendly designConsider this. Consider a shoe that uses less raw material and generates less waste in manufacturing, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Consider a shoe with a unique style and all natural upper and a more natural ride. Consider the distinctive, earthy style of Nike Considered shoes. Nike Considered: Where Innovation Meets Conservation. Innovative, performance-quality products that demand less of our natural resources and eliminates toxic materials. PVC-free Uses water-based adhesives instead of petroleum based to lessen the demand for oil. All factory waste from one product is collected and reprocessed into the same material which eliminates the use of all on-site incineration, helping to keep the air clean. Uses environmentally preferred rubber that reduces toxics 96% by weight. This rubber is substitute for the rubber that is used in approximately 50% of Nike footwear's.