Nike Dunk Hi Premium (Alpha Culture Club)Collector Opportunity!The Alpha Physical Culture Club was America's first all-black athletic club formed in Harlem in 1904 by Jamaican born brothers. Two years later the Alphas formed a bsketball team known as the "Alpha Big Five". In 1907 the Alphas helped form the Olympian Athletic League in new York City--The first black club basketball league--sparkinga 10 year intercity rivalry with Brooklyn's Smart Set Athletic Club and Manhattan's other leading black five, the St. Christopher Club. The Alphas won the 1912-13 Colored Basketball World's Championship after beating the previously undefeated and reigning champion Monticello Athletic Association of Pittsburgh. This collectible edition Nike Dunk is officially licensed by the Black Fives, Inc. The term Black Fives usually refers to basketball leagues that thrived in the United States in the period between 1900 and 1940, when racial segregation was institutionalized, in which African-American players in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Pittsburgh, and later other cities, engaged in community-based and inter-city leagues and rivalries. The Nike Dunk made its debut in 1985 as a technical basketball sneaker. Designed with multiple panels for support and a low profile to enhance movement on the court, the Nike Dunk was an instant hit. Plus, Nike added to their popularity by producing the Dunk in specific colorways designed to match college uniforms. After a period of cease production, the Nike Dunk returned in 1998 and is still very popular today.